Courage & Bravery

"We applaud your courage and bravery  to relive your past in order to help someone else.  Readers will find  strength and discover the hope they never knew they had to free themselves from  the grip of abuse. Your pain was not in vain.” 

- Pastor Reginal & Linette Graham, Jesus Power & Love Ministries 

Finding Love

"You really have a gift of telling your story in a way that I believe will be  helpful to other women struggling in situations of domestic abuse. What I find  most inspiring is that you’ve come to a place of finding love in your heart for  the man who caused you so much pain."  

- Patricia Lavin (Deceased), Clinical Social Worker 

Beautiful & Spiritual

"Congratulations Lawanna. I also wish to applaud you on freeing yourself of your past pain. My only hope is that you see yourself for the beautiful, spiritual, independent person that you are. Take your experience and grow to a point where your self-esteem will take you to greater places and you don't succumb to lowering yourself to other people's standards. You have greatness with yourself and God. Nothing and nobody else is needed to prove this." 

- Rhoda - Philadelphia, PA 


"Your story of grace and strength is an inspiration to anyone facing trauma and despair.  Your story shows how all of us have the potential to integrat different experiences and sources of support into our own mosaic that can hold strong through thick and thin.  Congratulations to you on a job well done."   

- H. Laurence Schwab, Marriage and Family Therapist 

So Proud of You

Great interview Lawanna. I am so proud of you for writing the book. So many women suffer in silence..men also. All the time I knew you I never knew and so happy you made it out and survived the Domestic Violence and now are sharing it in your book. 

- Emmitt H. Thrower

Wonderful Speaker

You are a wonderful speaker and I really appreciate your telling your story and shedding light on various aspects of domestic abuse. 

- Marilyn Rowland

More Testimonials

"My cousin, Lawanna, wrote the book and it was phenomenal.  I read it 3 times." Tee Langley

"This is a MUST read."  Celeste Taylor