About the Book

An Overview

Growing up with an alcoholic parent,  Lawanna Lynn (“Lynn”) walked on eggshells and learned to be submissive and  codependent. She sought comfort and solace in Christianity and married at an  early age. On the outside, Lynn and her husband were the perfect couple; but  secretly, for nearly 23 years, she endured domestic violence that included rape and assault at the hands of her husband, who was also a business owner and church leader.  Join Lynn as she attempts to get  help from some religious leaders who instead told her to keep silent about the  abuse and his addiction to drugs and alcohol, extramarital affairs, and  destructive behavior. Learn what she did right, what she did wrong, the warning  signs of domestic abuse, and the five deadly marriage deal-breakers. Walk with  her as she takes matters into her own hands and gets the legal, therapeutic,  and spiritual help needed to make a new life for herself and build healthy  relationships.          

This  poignant, true story will take you on a journey from the pulpit to the prison cell as Lynn strives to  set herself free from a life of pain, shame and guilt. Find out if she keeps  the faith or if she turns away from God as she faces her most devastating  challenge of all, and learn how you can also break the cycle of abuse. This gripping tale  of a pastor’s wife will keep you riveted to every word until the amazing  surprise ending!

Cape Cod Center for Women

Lawanna Lynn Campbell, author of "Is She Dead Yet?," an account of her 23-year marriage to an abusive husband and her recovery from abuse, talks about domestic violence. Presented at Falmouth, MA, Public Library, October 26, 2013. Sponsored by Cape Cod Center for Women. Published on November 7, 2013 by Marilyn Rowland.